About - Or: Who is Ren and Why Does He Have a List?

Who is Ren?

Ren was a short-hair Chihuahua who joined my family in August 2012. Despite the reputation of Chihuahuas, he loved going places with me (his mom), and meeting new people. He was named after the Chihuahua from the cartoon Ren & Stimpy.

Sadly, Ren passed away in April 2016, but the site continues as a tribute to his memory. My new Chihuahua, Ash, will be carrying on Ren's work in exploring dog-friendly places and events.

Why Does He Have a List?

Like most small dogs, Ren had a lot of energy. During our first winter together, I realized that walking Ren every day was going to be impossible. Even with a warm coat on, he was miserable at anything less than 40 degrees.

So I looked for other activities to keep us busy, and help him burn off some of that excess energy. I bought more toys and came up with games for us to play indoors. I took him to playgroups. I put him in daycare one day a week. But I still felt like there was more out there. I tried Googling "indoor places to take your dog" and kept coming up empty, at least with places that were available in our area. I wished for a listing of all the places that I could possibly take Ren when it was too cold to walk him outside.

When spring and summer came, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Buffalo was seemingly a hotbed of dog-related events. Charity walks. Shelter fundraisers. Vendor shows. I started following all the local shelters and pet-related groups on Facebook so that I wouldn't miss anything. I wished there was a "one-stop-shop" for collecting these types of events.

I decided to combine the two ideas into one site. This is Ren's List. A list of places to bring your dog, especially during those cold Western NY winters. And a list of events to bring your dog to, which mostly occur during the warmer months. The one unifying theme for all our entries is, these are places where dogs are welcome!